About Me

Hi there – this Keyra of lowkeydarling – I’m still new to blogging and the blogging world, but I am loving it so far! Everyone is so kind and helpful and so many of the women are empowering. It’s really a great community to be a part of and I love the participation.

Now to the reason I started this blog – one  have always liked to write and take pictures. Second, my interest in beauty and makeup has really grown in the past two years – I constantly read blogs, watch videos and look at Instagram for inspiration or tips. Well, I’m to the point now that I have my own opinions and tips to give out and I want to share them in a way that I’m already comfortable with, writing and taking pictures.

And I don’t just want this blog to be about beauty because that’s not all I’m about – I love reading and discussing books. I love picking out books and recommending them. I read everyday, so I really would like to include that – another big part of me is my vegetarianism. It’s very important to me as a person – and as someone on her journey to becoming vegan there will be lots of stories to tell!

As a person I am pretty low key 😉 – I get anxiety about going out and meeting new people, I’m hoping with blogging I can write about that, as well as it helping me along the way. I have a beautiful dog named Grace who likes to sleep in ‘fresh out the dryer’ laundry baskets. I love movies, they are also a passion of mine. Complete movie buff and sometimes I can be with certain television shows. Mostly, I just like to stay home with my dog, write, read, watch something interesting or have some friends over. Hopefully with this blog I will make a lot of new friends!