How to take a break from ‘Adulting’

img_2480As I sit here writing this, I am drinking a glass of wine. I’m normally a whiskey kind of girl but wine is always calming and makes me feel kind of girly. Plus, I love a good red wine. I like to read, watch a good movie and just have a big ole’ glass of wine or whiskey more often than not. This post is kind of different for me because it’s not so much beauty related as my  thoughts on a bit of alcohol and the wedding I recently attended.

I recently went to a wedding. Yes, I’m in that phase when everyone I know is getting married and having kids. It’s nice to see everyone and know that everyone is ‘adulting’ but can still put down a couple drinks. My friend and I were discussing how we no longer like to go to dry weddings. Last summer we had a mutual friend that got married and their wedding was dry – we stayed for all the important stuff but we left to go to a bar. I think it is because we are in that ‘adulting’ phase and sometimes a wedding is our only time to let loose and be around friends. I’m not an everyday drinker or someone who drinks every week, but when I go to a wedding I definitely want to share some drinks and laughs with my friends and the bride and groom.

Back to the wedding I attended this weekend, it was gorgeous and the bride  was stunning. I’m actually friends with the groom and have grown up with him since elementary school. He stood up there barely able to stand, red hot face and could barely watch her walk down because he was so nervous and knew he was going to cry. SPOILER : He did. He’s really not the type of person to get emotional, so it was so sweet to see him in that type of setting. After the vows, he was able to let loose and he finally lost that red tint in his face. The reception had beer, wine and special cocktails: one for the groom and one for the bride. It was a really nice idea. The wedding was fun, we had some drinks and we still made it home in time to watch the Buckeyes win! What more can you ask for?

I don’t want to promote drinking or the wrong type of drinking, but when you’re an adult sometimes you want to be surrounded by friends in happy times with a glass in hand! Moral of the story – when you get a chance to get out and have some fun ( the opposite of ‘adulting’ ) – Enjoy it!

What do you like to drink? Do you like dry weddings?



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  1. Kaitlyn says:

    I love this!! I’m totally in that time of life now too! This past year two of my closest friends got married!

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    1. It’s like they all got a deal right!?My three best friends are all
      married and all have kids or one on the way. I’m still happy with a dog!


  2. sandzano says:

    Well said! I also like to drink a glass or two from time to time. There is a big difference between getting drunk and just enjoying a glass of wine. I vote for the latter, although getting tipsy can be fun as well. 😛

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    1. I agree, I’m not one for getting drunk all the time. But I do enjoy a good drink every now and then!

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  3. thedailycare says:

    I’m at that stage right now too! It seems like there is a wedding every month. Great post!

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    1. I know! I literally have had five this summer. I think this was my last one!

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