img_6791Now, that you guys are getting to know me – I think you really need to get to know Grace – my silly and adorable puppy (yes, I will always call her a puppy) I included a photo of her in My Morning Skincare routine. I am a huge dog person and there’s nothing that makes me more happy than having a furry friend around to play with and cuddle. I got Grace almost two years ago on December 13th, 2014 -I consider that her birthday. She was my sweet, little Christmas puppy. I actually had another puppy named Belle when I got her, but sadly she passed away last summer. I still miss her – She was my first dog that was all mine – I had saved her after someone had dropped her off in one of our fields. She was so skinny and starving. I had her most of her life and she was really special. Grace learned so much from Belle. ( I almost didn’t get to keep her because my Grandmother sent her to the pound, but I went there and got her again!)


Both Grace and Belle were pitbull mixes and were honestly the best dogs I have ever had. Belle went through a major puppy stage where she chewed everything -I still miss some of my shoes and Victoria Secrets Bra’s – other than that, she was a very laid back dog that just wanted to cuddle and liked everyone.


Grace on the other hand is scared of everything and anyone that she doesn’t know – also anyone on the right side of my house, people on the left are just fine! No one actually lives on the right side of me, but I know the family who owns the house and they occasionally let people stay there – so anytime that happens, Grace is scared and barks at them. Despite this – she has been the easiest dog to train, she never really chewed anything and she knows quite a few tricks that I taught her very young. She definitely has her quirks like sleeping in laundry baskets and escaping Pet Smart ( I’ll write a separate post on that) but she is as sweet as can be and always, always wants to be right beside me!


When I’m doing my makeup in the morning she whines because she wants to sit on my lap. Mind you she weighs about fifty pounds – I still let her at least once every morning because I know how much she loves it and secretly I do too! I’ll be so sad on the day I’m doing my makeup and there isn’t a puppy trying to climb on my lap because she’s lonely !

Enjoy all the photo’s of Grace and Belle 🙂





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  1. This was such a great blog post! I really enjoyed reading it, thank you for sharing!! I have had a blog for a little over a month, and if you would look at it/maybe follow me? It would make my day!! Thank you 🙂


  2. Claire @ bletheringbylinley says:

    I love that photo of the two of them together – lovely way to capture a friendship!

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    1. They had so much fun together, partners in crime!

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