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Today, I just wanted to talk a little about this blog and what I want it be and what I hope to include. I know in my first post I talked about how much I love beauty and makeup and while that is true that is not all I want this blog to be about. I’m an avid reader and a 10 year vegetarian (working on removing cheese from my life so I can be vegan). Being a vegetarian is a huge part of my life and attempting to become fully vegan is something that I want to share and write about – the struggles and the ups and downs. That is something I have always liked to read on others posts, so I plan to include what this may entail in the future. I would like this to be a sort of health section and I can give updates on what I’ve been through that day and maybe what I have eaten.

Another section of the blog would be about travel – I love traveling and I have all the wanderlust! I have maps all over my house and quotes reminding me to adventure. I think that is why Peter Pan is my favorite story – he loves adventures and I really connect with that on a personal level (maybe the forever a kid thing too.) I have been to New York twice and I really wish I had been blogging then, so I would have more memories wrote down and more pictures. Sometimes it’s even more interesting to see your trip through a blog post rather than just talking to friends about it a week later. So, I hope to include my travels no matter where they may be, including the occasional Football game. Go bucks!

Obviously, Beauty, Health and Travel won’t be the end all, be all of the blog but those are my main focus with maybe a book of the month sort of thing, though I definitely read more than one book a month. If you have any sort of suggestions as to what my sort of random book – movie section could include or be categorized as, please let me know. I’m thinking a Lifestyle section would be a great addition and could include these kinds of things. I’m still working on getting the format where I want it, so any help from the community is greatly appreciated! Have a great day! (I’m attending Blogging U)

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  1. Marquessa says:

    Have fun with blogging u – its an amazing what to learn and connect!


  2. You’ve got some great ideas! I’m excited to see what’s in store for your blog! Feel free to check out my most recent blog post too! Thanks! ❤


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