Kylie Cosmetics

Good morning, darlings! I thought I would start today’s post off by saying how much I am enjoying having this blog – it’s really fun to have a creative outlet and I love seeing everyone’s comments. What a wonderful community to be a part of!

Kylie Jenner – do you hate her? Do you love her? Do you like her products? I th13774600_1746685438907631_370415250_nink everyone has an opinion on her, but what I’m going to focus on is that no matter what you think of Kylie –  after that first lip injection, she has taken the beauty world by storm! She’s completely ruling Snapchat – I just read the other day that she is the most viewed person. Mostly she just slowly lip syncs songs and hangs out with her friends, nothing extraordinary, but now the Snapchat world gets the first look at her new products for Kylie Cosmetics and exclusive swatches. It really does pay off to view her when you’re trying to get a coveted liquid lipstick, which is what I have to share about today!

A couple of months ago I purchased three of her lip products. Two lip kits: Koko K and Posie K and then one of the metal mattes, Heir. 13774638_1758452621040156_1143096134_n(1)All three arrived in a short time with her gorgeous black and white packaging. I was hoping to get one she signed, but alas no luck! Now, I used to be more on the nervous side for liquid lipsticks because they are so drying, but after trying Ofra’s formula I figured I would try Kylie’s because I loved the colors and options of nudes. I thought Koko K would be my perfect nude and Posie K would be that next step up. Heir was about as far as I wanted to go on metallic lip trend. The two lipsticks are both runny and when applied are very wet, but dry completely matte. I like this because I hate when liquid lipsticks aren’t transfer proof. Ofra’s formula are not transfer proof on me, but they also aren’t as drying. While Kylie’s are drying, they are still comfortable. Heir seems like a completely different formula – it’s a bit more moussey – kind of lik13744173_1728087944138897_1076600036_ne Ofra’s, except it is transfer proof. I have some swatches for you on my very pale skin. For more details on what I think of each color you can check out my instagram: lowkeydarling  – do you think Kylie will rule the new stories for Instagram? Or do you think that everyone will stick with Snapchat? Please follow if you enjoyed this post!




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