Champagne Collection

jaclynJaclyn Hill. I’m sure I can’t be the only one who has grown to love this youtube star. She’s on Youtube, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram and now she’s in Sephora. Jaclyn recently came out with the Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection to expand upon her Champagne Pop highlighter that took makeup lovers by storm. I don’t think there was a makeup guru who didn’t talk about this product. I bought the face pallette the day it came out and I have to say that I love it. Who doesn’t love a good glow? And that’s coming from an oily girl.

In the collection you receive two highlighters: Champagne Pop and Prosecco Pop with the former being more peachy and the latter more golden. I can get away with either and I’m quite fair if I’m not self tanned. I normally stray away from golden highlights because they look a little warm, but these two both work and I think they would be suited for all skin tones. There are also three blushes in the collection: Pamplemousse, Amaretto and Rose Spritz. The first two are both mattes with Pamplemouse being a kind of coral/pink and Amaretto leans more brown. Honestly, I can get away with using Amaretto as a bronzer if I’m in a hurry. And let’s be honest, that happens alot. The last blush is Rose Spritz which is a shimmery blush or a good blush topper for Pamplemouse, It’s as the description says Rosy with a hint of golden sparkle, but don’t worry – no chunky glitter here!13731284_1077631512314374_1580875584_n

If I already wasn’t a makeup addict I probably would have bought this collection in support of Jaclyn. She’s a bubbly personality, but she’s also a smart business woman. When I want to learn a technique or find the best tips, I watch Jaclyn. She is the best teacher and she’s full of knowledge from her MAC counter days. This collection with Becca has gotten her on the map and her whispers of her own line can not come soon enough!



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  1. The palette is gorgeous! X


    1. Right!? And all of Becca’s products are such good quality.

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  2. sxrabeauty says:

    This palette looks to die for! Would you recommend for everyday wear or just for evening because they all look quite shimmery?x


    1. I would wear the blushes everyday ( two are matte), including the shimmery blush Rose Spritz but I don’t always use a highlighter during the day and there are two in this palette. But these work great as eyeshadows too. It’s very versatile.

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  3. lexilife says:

    Yes I love her!! I’m addicted to youtube and people who watch too much youtube are my kinda people lol. I loved it so much I’ve started my own channel and just hit 500 subs today – so happy! Not so happy that I didn’t get my hands on her highlighting palette but probs safer for my bank account! xx &


    1. Thanks and it’s great to find a kindred spirit! Makeup and YouTube lovers need to stick together. I want to delve into YouTube eventually but first I wanted to start a blog and you can check out more on my Instagram : lowkeydarling. Congratulations on 500 subscribers!


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